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The Orange Car and The Green Car



The Green Car Image
The Green Car Image
The Green Car Image


Powered by the 1.6 K series engine with high lift cam shafts and a lightweight flywheel the car produces a grin worthy 135 BHP which means 0-60 in around 5 seconds and throttle response you just cannot get from modern cars. 

The cockpit is deliberately basic to keep your attention firmly on the road ahead. However, you will find a USB charger, a heater for those cooler days, a heated windscreen and not forgetting the soft top cover for a typical Scottish seasonal down pour! 

Although compact there is enough boot space for a couple of over-night bags or a pic-nic hamper. An additional bespoke detachable bag can be supplied on demand if you need storage for a tent or perhaps need space for extra personal items for a mini break adventure. 

Once you're strapped in and cruising on the open road, this car can deliver a truly raw and ground connecting driving experience like no other.



This striking vehicle has a real presence on the road, not only because of its vibrant orange paint but also due its larger stacher as an SV chassis Caterham 7, meaning it's slightly longer and wider and therefore can accommodate a driver and or passenger of up to 6ft 4” and with a body frame to match. It also offers a bigger boot space and a larger fuel tank, making it the ideal vehicle for longer tours.

Powered by a 1.6 K series engine this car has a few surprises behind its bonnet; with a ported and polished cylinder head, high lift cam shafts and Jenvey throttle bodies. This car is capped at 140 BHP but with an unbelievably smooth and refined power delivery. 0-60 is achieved in 5 seconds and will keep pulling for as long as you dare. 

Once inside the cockpit you will find USB chargers, a heater and heated windscreen and a very quick and easy to put up soft top for when the Scottish skies cloud over above you.  There is enough boot space for a couple of large over night bags and even a tent.

This car effortlessly munches the miles adapting to your driving style, you can create a quiet country chorus or can make it sing an incredible engine song when asked to power on!

The Orange Car Image
The Orange Car Image
The Orange Car Image
Yellow Car Image 1
Yellow Car Image 2
Yellow Car Image 3


This car does have a lot of style but is certainly not lacking in substance. With a roaring 1.8 K series engine it offers natural speed and excitement but equally hugs every corner and pans out to deliver a smooth and effortless ride on the straights.

The interior is roomy and well equipped for your journey with USB charging points and a wonderful heater for those early start adventures. Being an SV there’s trunk room for bags and basic camping equipment. Also storing a soft top roof that’s quickly accessible and just as quick and easy to pop on, this car is very suitable for a road trip.

So whether you’re cruising with the top off on sunny day, or foot down, head back accelerating into the unknown this beautiful Caterham 7 SV is the perfect accompaniment for your driving experience adventure.

Yellow Car
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